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White Ranger 2013年1月29日 14時13分
Left 4 Dead 2 Not Working!!!
I open Left 4 Dead 2 and it says the usual, "Pzreparing to Launch". That text box then disappears and nothing happens after that. I have verified the game's integrity and deleted all local content and reinstalled it. I also defragmented the game files, but nothing seems to be working. Help?
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RΞV [A] SuperBooM 2013年1月29日 18時52分 
addons mayby
an unwanted bucket 2013年1月30日 4時45分 
Same issue...it worked for one day but then I updated it and it didn't work again. Also tried doing everything you did.

I also don't have any addons.
最近の変更はan unwanted bucketが行いました; 2013年1月30日 4時45分
Xteven Xavier 2013年1月30日 7時40分 
Same, we had a thread going on about this very phenomonon that got up to over 60 posts I tried all that you did plus all other suggestions that were suggested in said thread, None worked now I have a 20 dollar game that I can't play, great use of money.
A_Dà57 2013年1月30日 8時48分 
i got the same problem dude...
White Ranger 2013年1月30日 14時12分 
I still haven't found a solution and I don't have addons. Thanks for sharing your stories.
Xteven Xavier 2013年1月30日 22時41分 
yeah for real I'm feeling pretty alienated about this whole mess.
EzyPickens 2013年1月31日 20時44分 
I hear ya - anyone have any suggestions?
Xteven Xavier 2013年2月1日 1時36分 
mine launched yesterday when I checked it.I was like yes, sweet, then when I tried to play it with my friends again it didn't work wouldn't launch it got my hopes up for nothing.
forarjanonly 2013年2月1日 4時40分 
Stopped working :( ?? Any ideas
EzyPickens 2013年2月1日 20時36分 
I sent steam support a message yesterday... no answer
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