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KH3 2013年1月29日 8時36分
Anyone want to play?
Hello there everyone. Im looking for some people who really enjoy playing Left 4 dead and just want to have fun. I love this game and im disappointed that a lot of my friends either dont have this game or have stopped playing it because i still really enjoy playing it. So if anyone wants some other people to play with add me ok ^_^. Oh i mainly play just for fun, but my sense of fun is a challange. I enjoy playing on expert all the time, and would at least have it on advance for other days. Also love custom levels so would like to do more of those with people. So yea if you love playing this game and would like someone to play with please add me ^_^.
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Bardolf 2013年1月29日 9時10分 
I would if I had the game lol. Been trying to see if anyone will trade me for it. I liked the 1st game. Been having an itch to play the 2nd game recently. I'll let you know if I end up getting it.
KH3 2013年1月29日 12時14分 
Yea its very fun ^_^. And would be nice to play with someone who is coming into it fresh :D
[-SoL-]YuriBrazilU2 2013年1月29日 12時58分 
inuyasha, im available. official servers, no mods only.
KH3 2013年1月29日 13時04分 
-SoL-YuriBrazilU2 の投稿を引用:
inuyasha, im available. official servers, no mods only.
Do no mods mean custom levels also? I mean im fine doing just the regular levels and stuff but would also like to try the custom ones to.
[TVzD]SLAP-_-DAT-_-ASS 2013年1月29日 16時11分 
dure i love this game and i cant stop changing my chrachter skins every day
theBluntRolla 2013年1月29日 16時37分 
Just jump into a game type and play. Friend request people who are good.
Bill Drinks The Bong Water 2013年1月29日 16時39分 
I'm usually always up for a game no matter what difficulty/map/game mode. :) Add me
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