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SIGNING PETITION: Lobby Speech bug <---- Read/Sign/Share! ---->
When will they finally, if ever; fix this bug?
I am talking about the "Voice Chat" button that you see under the text field in the lobby.
It's been here since the second update or so... (The bug that is)
The function worked a while then just vanished with the button still intact.

We've had 100's of updates and a few years passed but this is still a problem...!
It feels and looks so incomplete...beta-ish...amateuristic... and should be fixed!

Am I right here?
Sign if you agree.
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I understand. If it's broken it needs fixing, end of discussion. You have my vote on this :)
yeah true thought they would of fixed it by now.
sign. While ur at it, start a petition to mute individual players in-game (L4D2) ^^
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It does need to be sorted. Signed
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