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^Σ§Ƈ^ =Matt= 2013年1月27日 18時47分
i cant load my left 4 dead 2 game and it keeps trying to tell me to try it later steam error
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HEART RIPPER 2013年1月27日 18時53分 
just try the demo then
^Σ§Ƈ^ =Matt= 2013年1月27日 18時55分 
HEART RIPPER 2013年1月27日 18時55分 
I never bought a game on steam before only demos
TOS = Hercules 2013年1月27日 18時55分 
Try this. go to start, search, type in exactly this with out the quotes. " ClientRegistry.blob" and start search. IN xp open containing folder and delete the file, in win 7 just delete the file. restart steam and it will update your files. you should be good to go.
Very Ape 2013年1月27日 20時33分 
I never bought a game on steam before only demos

get a job at burger king and buy a freakin game already ya bum
HEART RIPPER 2013年1月28日 3時32分 
Lol i'm under age but you want to be freinds
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