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Junkion 26. led. 2013 v 9.16 dop.
Too many addons?
Has anyone else ran into L4D2 crashing because there are too many addons in the addons directory?

I've just recently discovered that i had too many, and had to back some up to another directory.(lame)
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Agravain 26. led. 2013 v 1.13 odp. 
I currently have this problem. Sometimes, when I had a custom model installed an I had reached a safe room, when the next map loaded, the game would freeze. Other times, I could make it to the finale, but when the credits started to roll, my game crashed.

I've deleted some addons, and I can play the game normally, I still experience the finale crash mention above. I should note, I only have 3 custom weapon models and 1 custom player model.

I think Valve broke something. Again.
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