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Fridge LargeMeat 2013年1月24日上午2:22
Workshop Update Breaking EVERYTHING
No. Seriously. This is the worst thing to happen to the game. The Shopwerkz has broken most mod functionality, and it is entirely impossible for me to use the Military Sniper without the viewmodel disappearing and the screen and controls going weird. This is after verification as well.
To salt the wounds even more, the shiny new mod conflict system is literally creating conflicts where there were none before just so it can tell you about them. The addon list hierarchy has apparently been inverted, which means editing the addonlist.txt to get things to work right. I hear that manual installation doesn't work any more either.

What was the premise of the Shopwerkz, modding simplicity? Since the update, the only thing I've gotten is maddening frustration.
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Fridge LargeMeat 2013年1月24日上午2:31 
And yes, I will unrepentantly call it the Shopwerkz until Valve figures out how to make it work at least half as well with the game as it should.
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halofreak61 2013年1月24日上午3:58 
i would be happy if they removed workshop most people just go back to l4d maps
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