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ѕнα∂σω 2013年1月23日下午6:12
is anyone elses left 4 dead 2 keep freezing and cut off then you have to restart it again, it used to be alright before the workshop anyone?
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allaround61 2013年1月23日下午6:32 
Well my game wouldnt freeze and cut off, but I did notice the framerate get slow at some points. Like when a hunter jumped on me.
Spirit Of Bardock 2013年1月23日下午9:29 
It might have somethin to do with your name, jk, but sometimes that will happen to me, especially in vs
-=snips=-halofreak61 2013年1月24日上午4:10 
mine just keeps freezing and resuming it annoying
ѕнα∂σω 2013年1月24日上午9:44 
thanks for cooments guys
BEЯRY 3月14日上午7:49 
So what to do?
z||Cristian||z 3月14日上午8:21 
ѕнα∂σω 3月14日上午9:09 
turing of multi core rendering i think thats what its called helps and lowering graphics
正在显示第 1 - 7 条,共 7 条留言
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