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Takashi_Anthony 2013年1月23日 17時07分
I think the good makers of campaign should edit the maps from COD WAW, BO and BO2 Zombies :D It would give a lot of interesting to the comunity even to get a lot of apreciation in the WorkShop Comunity
最近の変更はTakashi_Anthonyが行いました; 2013年1月23日 17時08分
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Those Dirty Blues 2013年1月24日 0時30分 
l4dmaps.com has a few of the maps you are requesting. Pick 'em up from there.
Esteban 2013年1月25日 21時25分 
im german why do they gotta be nazi zombies why can they just be zombies?
Takashi_Anthony 2013年1月26日 11時28分 
because that mode game of Call of Duty is Nazi Zombie... brother I do not intend to offend anyone. Besides Germany is a wonderful country.
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