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TallHeyZeus #BallsDeep 2013年1月22日下午9:33
VALVE!!! Preparing to LAUNCH fades
Preparing to LAUNCH opens and quickly fades away. WE need a response please!!!
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[HBS OFFICER] Flame Haze 2013年1月22日下午10:12 
have u waited?
Katakis 2013年1月23日上午2:11 
Restart Steam and try it again. Otherwise, reset your computer.
TallHeyZeus #BallsDeep 2013年1月23日上午8:47 
ive waited up to an hour no launch

ive done all the online remedies and cant seem to get this to LAUNCH

this all started with the new Workshop Patch Update

im running a stock version of L4D2
von AppleJuice 2013年1月23日上午9:18 
Same but mine says "Game unavailable" since latest update :(
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