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KAZUYA 2013年1月21日上午11:58
Looking for mature gamers (21+) to run some L4D2 nights
We have a big group of people that still play L4D2. Our community is all about having a great time and leave all the stress of real life behind.
We are currently organizing nights to play custom campaigns, Versus, Scavenger games etc...
If you are a mature gamer and you want to have an awesome time and laugh,
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Chet 2013年1月21日下午12:06 
Please do not spam with outside sites. If you want to attract players, you can link to your steam group. thanks
KAZUYA 2013年1月21日下午5:17 
beEZ (已封禁) 2013年1月21日下午5:23 
Or you can add them to your friends list, and then private message them the outside sites :P
KAZUYA 2013年1月21日下午5:30 
:D Thanks for the heads up!
Veg head Commando 2013年1月22日上午6:14 
I'll join your group....I'm a old gamer...why should kids get all the fun...we just the Detour(L4D2) we killed 243 special infected and 4033 zombies and that was on easy...lmao
KAZUYA 2013年1月22日下午12:21 
hahahahaha!! it's good to be kids free and enjoy a game with a group of buddies! :)
Vempyremon 2013年1月22日下午1:39 
I think I could qualify for being mature and looking to have fun. :D I'm not an elitist, nor do I play to win. So long as there's fun to be had.
Red 2013年1月22日下午5:43 
how bout 20 yr olds?
KAZUYA 2013年1月22日下午5:58 
It's possilble. Maturity is not just age, is in the personality of each of us. We like to enjoy gaming, laugh, have a great time and we are trying to avoid dramas and kids whining :)
If you think you are mature enough, go and check out our site :) see if is for you.
JDogxRay 2013年1月22日下午9:06 
how bout 18 yr olds? More of the casual type who drinks Heineken and plays video games for fun
FearDubh 2013年1月22日下午9:14 
Any of you casual and mature gamers want to play some co-op campaign, just send me an invite
Perfect Storm 2013年1月23日上午12:32 
I'd love to join you guys :D
Creasy 2013年1月23日上午3:49 
Feel free to send a friend request, I'm always happy to play any type of game with good mature players
KAZUYA 2013年1月23日上午7:23 
all mature (hopefully 21+) are welcome :)
FearDubh 2013年1月23日下午1:03 
Alright from Vempreymon downwards I added you all, hope to see some of you in game
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