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psykosass 2013年1月20日 14時58分
Build Mod
I was playing a game earlier today where the host had a mod that allowed you to select any weapon by typing "!goods" and allowed you to build in game by typing "!b". can anyone tell me which mode this is or what allows you to do this? you could build anything like sandbags, concrete walls, fences, and towers.
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pastehead 2013年4月30日 18時46分 
still trying to figure this out too =/
Gimmeh Jibbs! 2013年4月30日 20時38分 
That's probably a Sourcemod plugin, which is applaied sever-side and is not part of the original game. I have no idea what it is called, where to find it or how to install it, Sourcemod is beyond me.
Lemmers 2013年5月1日 6時14分 
There might be a few, but I would recommend the LeftFortDead plugin for SourceMod. I made about ten radial menus to control the spawning and rotating of props to give to my friends and we had a good time using it on a server. It's a nice gimmick when used sparingly.

It's nothing you are going to find on The Workshop, if that's where you're looking for it, because it's a server mod, not client. So if you can't admin a server, you'd have better luck joining random 3rd party servers looking for the specific mod in question than ever getting it working yourself.

Just remember to use the Favorite option in openserverbrowser once you find one you want to revisit, and type in "sm plugins list" on servers with SourceMod to see which mods they have installed.
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