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Beef Squisher 2013. jan. 20. @ de. 6:12
Campain order
I haven't played the campains with Francis and the other ones, and I wanted to know the order that they are in, so I can play them in the right order
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Fraw$t 2013. jan. 20. @ de. 6:34 
Dead Center
The Passing
Dark Carnival
Swamp Fever
Hard Rain
The Parish
thats for l4d2
3errick 2013. jan. 20. @ de. 6:38 
Are you looking for L4D1 order? Its

No Mercy
Crash Course
Death Toll
Dead Air
Blood Harvest
The Sacrifice

I also link a guide

Bikes 2013. jan. 20. @ de. 7:14 
Should note they're not really as connected as well as the l4d2 ones are. We know the order but half of them they just kind of end up in their new location without the rescue from the previous campaign in sight.
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