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Overdose 2013年1月19日 21時49分
Dear Valve ,
please don't leave this game 4 dead .
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GP REAPER 2013年1月19日 22時06分 
I'm sure they have it in mind.....unless of course they were working on it and cancelled it then you definitely know more than I do lol XD
Dr Chaos MK 2013年1月20日 0時54分 
I too hope Valve keeps making more for this franchise. After trying out the L4D 2 Steam Workshop these past 2 days, there is so many things they can do with Left 4 Dead 3 it's not even funny.
Overdose 2013年1月20日 12時37分 
Couldn't agree more with you guys ,
also they need to fix the Jockey / Hunter bug .. what I mean by that is the "deadstopping" is only working maybe %50 of the time , it's almost as though you have to be in mid swing before they pounce . It gets frustrating when you are riflebutting while they're in mid air & they still manage to get onto you .
I'm sure I'm not alone on this one
Super Toaster 2013年1月20日 16時12分 
See, L4D2 is populated as hell, so it wouldn't be very logical to kill the community and move on to another game...Oh wait..*L4D1 flashback*
Dr.Wily 2013年1月20日 16時33分 
silly boy you know valve can't count to 3
Overdose 2013年1月20日 16時42分 
it`s expanding on the community , people still play L4D1 ..
Hi im Christopher 2013年1月20日 16時54分 
mira.... lo que pasa ( no se leer ingles ) es que valve tiene un serio problema con el 3 , todos terminan en 2. Ejemplos: Half life 2, Portal 2, Team fortress 2 y Dota 2. C; espero que igual lanzen los 3 de todos :D pero... al parecer es sierto :C
Crimsonhorizon 2013年1月20日 17時47分 
It'll almost definitely be a long time before l4d3 is even mentioned by valve, but I hope that they make the new one using the new source engine (if they are developing one). Damn I can't imagine how awesome that would be.
TaurusBully 2013年1月20日 17時49分 
I would like to see them get a L4d2 patch right, before they attemp a new game,
Wendschlag 2013年1月20日 19時17分 
Just add official campaigns to the game. Another installment isn't going to drive the game farther.
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