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bhaines 2013年1月19日下午2:38
downloading mod problems
i tried to download the back 2 school campaign mods but when i try to install them in game they don't appear any suggestions
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HolyNumber 2013年1月19日下午2:43 
You have to go into ADD ONS and click the box for it to be available. or are you saying it doesn't appear in ADD ONS?
TheLordPresident 2013年1月19日下午2:53 
I have the same problem. The campaigns do NOT appear in ADD-ONS, nor anywhere else in the GUI. However, they DO exist in the ~/left4dead2/addons/workshop folder (that is, the "workshop" folder inside the "adddons" folder). I'm on OS X, if that helps.
bhaines 2013年1月19日下午2:58 
the dont appear in add-ons but it says i have downloaded them
HolyNumber 2013年1月19日下午3:00 
I assume you have exited out of both the game and steam? Other than that I'm no help to you. :(
HolyNumber 2013年1月19日下午3:01 
Or maybe delete the workshop folder and do the verify game cache trick and see if they redownload?
HolyNumber 2013年1月19日下午3:03 
Just seen this:

Chet 2 minutes ago
The workshop currently does not work with Macs. We will fix that next week.
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