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bhaines 2013年1月19日 14時38分
downloading mod problems
i tried to download the back 2 school campaign mods but when i try to install them in game they don't appear any suggestions
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HolyNumber 2013年1月19日 14時43分 
You have to go into ADD ONS and click the box for it to be available. or are you saying it doesn't appear in ADD ONS?
TheLordPresident 2013年1月19日 14時53分 
I have the same problem. The campaigns do NOT appear in ADD-ONS, nor anywhere else in the GUI. However, they DO exist in the ~/left4dead2/addons/workshop folder (that is, the "workshop" folder inside the "adddons" folder). I'm on OS X, if that helps.
bhaines 2013年1月19日 14時58分 
the dont appear in add-ons but it says i have downloaded them
HolyNumber 2013年1月19日 15時00分 
I assume you have exited out of both the game and steam? Other than that I'm no help to you. :(
HolyNumber 2013年1月19日 15時01分 
Or maybe delete the workshop folder and do the verify game cache trick and see if they redownload?
HolyNumber 2013年1月19日 15時03分 
Just seen this:

Chet 2 minutes ago
The workshop currently does not work with Macs. We will fix that next week.
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