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Dr Chaos MK 2013. jan. 18. @ du. 10:11
Custom content from L4D 2 Workshop won't VAC ban me will it?
Forgive me if I asked a stupid question. Back almost 7 years ago when i was extensively playing CS: Condition Zero I downloaded a custom crosshair to use. It eventually got me VAC banned. Now to present day. The content in the L4D 2 workshop won't get me banned will it? Thank you for your time.
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Dr Chaos MK 2013. jan. 19. @ de. 1:41 
@Duck Dodgers

I guess back in 2005, VAC read it as a file that was under cheating. Too be more precise, the crosshair script I had changed the default crosshair, to the crosshair that was on the XBOX version. ( the original XBOX, not the current 360 ) The XBOX version of CS had a totally changed crosshair compared to the PC one. I perfered the XBOX one. So eventually someone made it for the PC version. I downloaded it & used it. Months later.... BANG! I got banned.
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