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Nøtt 18. led. 2013 v 12.52 dop.
What's up?
What's up with all the creepy, pervy schoolgirl skins all of a sudden?
I assume they are from some hentai or anime series.
But this is truely some perverted ♥♥♥♥.
Last time i checked this is a horror fps, not some game for perverted people to run around in short skirted girly skins.
Just my opinion, and if you feel offended, that's prob because you are one of those pervs i am talking about.
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Taggen 18. led. 2013 v 2.01 dop. 
Same with Skyrim workshop, almost nude armors for females... Lets fight a dragon in the least amount of clothing possible!
I definitely agree with you. These types of skins are so perverted..
spider hiding in your laundry 18. led. 2013 v 6.41 odp. 
What is the matter, guys? The anime and school girl outfits don't clash with the art direction at all!
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