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FreyaNightmare 2013年1月16日 3時10分
If I want to play an online game (scavenge, follow-the-liter) there is always the top-up "you have insecure in the launcher." so I can't play online! Help guys, thank you
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XP 2013年1月16日 11時51分 
more dteails.
-steam stocker (hdd extern, flash..)
-vga issues (integrated vs dedicated ..open with ? dedicated vga instead integrated vga)

If you got a laptop with dedicated and integrated VGA, you could have a problem with establishing the primary vga. Thatas why the problem.
Personally, cant solve this problem (I know someone who has that) , but I`m hoping someone could solve that.
featured issues: BIOS doesnt have checking primary or secondary vga on laptops.
Hydra_360ci 2013年1月17日 6時54分 
Did you put -insecure in the startup launcher?
Remove it....
Gonish 2013年12月20日 23時01分 
i have the same trubble... Please, tell me how to remove -insecure from startup launcher...
PӨLICΣMΛƬЯЇЖ 2013年12月21日 0時06分 
go to view games library
then right click l4d2
then click properties at the bottom
then click set launch options and delete -insecure
Gonish 2013年12月21日 1時05分 
Ok, thank u so much!!
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