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Spencer 2013年1月13日 19時16分
Low graphical settings
I have a GTX660, needless to say this card kills L4D2, but for some odd reason the game auto selects low settings. Its not a huge issue since I crank it to max anyway, but it is very odd.
Does anyone else with a graphics card that can kill this title have similar issues?
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phantom limb (on tour) 2013年1月13日 19時45分 
I have an HD 7750 and it does the same thing. It runs great maxed out. Not sure what the deal is.
Marked One 2013年1月13日 21時00分 
Auto detect settings for any game is pretty much crap. Don't know if they select the settings that will keep you at 60 FPS constant, but even on my 7770 it puts me on low when I run Witcher 2 on ultra with Uber sampling on @ 35 FPS avg. Just put em up and remember "hardware detection" is a bit of a buggy field.
Spencer 2013年1月13日 21時32分 
I'd turn ubersampling off man, you'd jump to 45-55fps instantly. It's not worth the fps hit to have the game rendering far above what you're seeing displayed.
ᗷᗴᗩᖇ 2013年1月14日 1時09分 
It appears to be a common issue with this game. I had the same absurdly low recommended settings given for a 6770 and a 7850 while both of them could easily max it out.
SweetJeebs 2013年1月14日 1時20分 
I have radeon hd 7970 and it also suggests low setting for me. Lol but my card also kills this game
propanoholic 2013年1月14日 3時01分 
i have radeon 6720g2 but makes it run on 40 -60 fps and i see no reason for the game to put it to low i have it on ultra
IcePOP4wHO (禁止済) 2013年1月14日 8時14分 
the low settings is just a safe zone so that you can start the game properly. no biggie
Spencer 2013年1月14日 12時15分 
This seems to be a common issue. Not a big deal, but indeed very odd.
Xav-Tay-Tor-Tot 2013年1月19日 12時44分 
If it auto selects Low Settings, but it runs fine on High, why bother? If it works, i wouldn't care. Could be a needless glitch for all i know.
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