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GothicSimmer 13 gen 2013, ore 17:44
Level a Charge achievement
I am trying to get the achievement Level a Charge where you must kill a Charger while he's charging.

I'm not sure if hitting him more than once and then killing him while charging counts against the achievement. Even when I kill him with a melee weapon while he's charging, it won't work.

What do I have to do to get the achievement?
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[USMC]Dead King1007 13 gen 2013, ore 17:58 
I have encountered achievement trouble on Left 4 Dead 2 myself. Have you hit charging when he has full health?
Creasy 13 gen 2013, ore 18:46 
Shoot the charger once, then as it charges towards you take a step to the left or right and hit it as it goes past with the sword or the axe, if you have a friend it can be easily set up in a vs or scavenge game
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beEZ (Bandito) 13 gen 2013, ore 18:59 
aim for head
Supercoke 13 gen 2013, ore 19:47 
sometimes takes two hits with a melee weapon to kill a charger, so what you have to do is shoot it a few times to lower it's health then wait for it to charge. After it starts charging for you jump out of it's way and hit it while it's passing next to you, they can't change direction while charging so try to line it up. the killing blow must be dealt while it's charging, and it must be with a melee weapon.
Marked One 13 gen 2013, ore 20:58 
When ever you hear a charger, watch him, listen, when he charges, side step and position yourself for a hit by moving in a little, Swing 2 seconds or so before, it''s best to do this with the fire axe as it has the longest swing duration. Chances are very unlikely you will kill him though as his HP is higher than base melee damage, which makes the otherwise easy to get achievement ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Every time I see a charger in expert these days I always try ang get a swing in and connect, and it ends up with me having to put 3 HR rounds into him to kill.
3errick 13 gen 2013, ore 22:25 
Sometimes the achievement is bugged. In case you didn't check, the melee weapon has to be the last hit that kills it, it only counts if the charger is charging and not walking. And of course shooting him before go in for the melee, makes the achievement much easier to do. Not really sure how hard it is since I got it the first fews days that I played L4D2.
TheWackyCheese 14 gen 2013, ore 0:56 
Aim for the head.
Luxius 14 gen 2013, ore 1:13 
Shoot at the charger and when it is low hp wait for it the charge (or re-charge) at you, keep your distance to force it to charge and not to come punch at you. Good luck!
[S] Kodama 14 gen 2013, ore 10:34 
What MarkedOne said. At me, I had melee weapon and I killed him with one hit and got achievement. You need to aim for head.
Azimuth 14 gen 2013, ore 23:04 
Sidenote, versus is actually easier to get this achievement in, as ai chargers take 1/3 of the damage whilst charging, meaning that a melee headshot only does 519 damage against them if they're charging so they need to be chipped before they charge if attempting in campaign, realism or survival.
Beef Squisher 15 gen 2013, ore 13:09 
I got the acheivment on versus and I may be wrong but it didn't actually charge..
Big Jim Slade 26 apr 2013, ore 19:13 
Messaggio originale di Trigger Happy:
I got the acheivment on versus and I may be wrong but it didn't actually charge..

Musta been me, I suck at charging.
~TF2C~ +Realminator+ 27 apr 2013, ore 7:01 
Either damage him before hhe charges or swing slightly eairlier than normal to shoot him in the head, head = instant kill
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