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EnZ! [NL] 2013年1月12日上午5:40
Game crash
My game keeps crashing when it is done loading. Played for about 5 hours the day before but now it doesn't even let me enter a game.

Anyone else having these problems? (and found a solution?)
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Hith! 2013年1月12日上午6:08 
I have the same problem,But haven't found a Solution.
EnZ! [NL] 2013年1月12日上午6:09 
I'm re installing hoping that will fix it. (pirated an older version and it didn't have any problems so it must be the new version and not my pc that is giving the problems)

.. 2013年1月12日上午6:28 
reinstall steam, delete everything but steammaps folder. it worked for me
EnZ! [NL] 2013年1月12日上午6:37 
just right-click on left4dead 2 and delete local content then reinstall... it worked ;)
Hith! 2013年1月12日上午6:45 
I've been doing that. Heck, I did it 3 times!
EnZ! [NL] 2013年1月12日上午7:34 
owh well then we dont have the same problem i guess.. mine works by doing this
JRHNBR 2013年1月12日上午9:57 
Maybe you installed some sort of mod and its making you crash?
RΞV [A] SuperBooM 2013年1月12日上午11:26 
you install any addons ?
EnZ! [NL] 2013年1月13日上午5:48 
nope no mods on my pc or any other addons
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