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-.B.O.W.-Killer- -OVERWATCH- 2013年1月11日 13時18分
Is it safe to change the FOV or do i get ban
Is it safe to change the FOV using "cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor 75" in the console or do i get vac ban?.
最近の変更は-.B.O.W.-Killer- -OVERWATCH-が行いました; 2013年1月11日 13時20分
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[S] Kodama 2013年1月11日 15時25分 
FOV means Field of View. You'll just change your FOV, which you'll have longer (extended) arms and it doesn't effect on VAC.
-.B.O.W.-Killer- -OVERWATCH- 2013年1月11日 15時34分 
Thankyou for the reply. I dont know why its not in the options, but i find at 75 it looks alot better.
最近の変更は-.B.O.W.-Killer- -OVERWATCH-が行いました; 2013年1月11日 16時52分
Rocko 2013年1月11日 18時53分 
Yea a lot of options that are in standard Source games have been removed from L4D2 for console port reasons. It's kindof annoying but you can still do some of them from launch commands and using an autoexec.cfg.
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