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Mestaris 2013年1月11日上午10:06
Crashes when I try to play a map/campaign
I have a massive problem with the game: When I play a map, a campaign, or join a server, etc; it crashes, and I get a blue screen and my computer restarts. This is started happening recently , I've been able to play fine before. I beleive it to be one of the custome campaigns I downloaded, but I'm not sure. I've re-installed multiple times to no avail. Any help on how to stop this or run a clean installation?
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[RIOT] BAD_CO. 2013年1月11日下午7:58 
Hello [StSv] Darkfall998. You need to get the error report thats generated at the BSOD. It will tell you what driver (which is what i would bet on if i gambled) is causing the system crash. Get ahold of me and i can perhaps help you with the problem.
Mestaris 2013年1月12日上午1:17 
Thank you :D
Mestaris 2013年1月12日上午1:18 
But where would i find the BSOD? Im not a very computer-smart person :/
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