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бамбуковый упырь 2013年1月9日 23時54分
Help me please
I is an error D3D. Tried everything else fails, can somebody tell me what to do?
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Nico killa squirrel [OotHS] 2013年1月10日 2時35分 
What is an error? and what means D3D?
sometimes Zombies appears as walking Error signs
2x2 2013年1月10日 13時43分 
are you really sure? could be a trplie buffering issue. Maybe you wand to explain us, what really happened. "its a d3d problem" its a reject isssue from my side. Tell us more.
最近の変更は2x2が行いました; 2013年1月10日 13時44分
бамбуковый упырь 2013年1月11日 0時56分 
I click to enter the game, then the screen flashes then becomes black then white, then comes error: ERROR! D3D deviceMy video card is fully updated
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