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WastedSoul563 2013年1月8日下午4:35
Looking for players to record with. L4D2
Hello, I'm looking for players to record gameplay with for my new youtube series "Souls of Madness: Left 4 Dead 2" I've all ready posted the first episode and I need players to record with for the rest.

If you want aa demo into what I do, here's a link:



Have to be able to follow orders during certain segments, even if I'm recording in versus. (Doesn't mean that I'll just be ordering you all the time, so no need to worry)

Can't go around and insulting innocent players on the chat board or the mic. All insults will be figured out during editing. (In other words, I don't want biased insults in my videos, If you have creative comments on "That" certain player that you want to suggest to be in the video, just PM me.)

The Rest:

It doesn't matter whether or not you're new; or that you also may have your own youtube series (If you do, I'll try and promote it through my channel, especially if it's about the same game); or that you fail alot, because I generally don't care about that.

Aaand, that's about it.

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Creasy 2013年1月8日下午5:42 
Feel free to send a friend request, I'm happy to play
lol.Killer5^p [no monitor] 2013年1月8日下午7:02 
Yo, my friends and I have been wanting to do/participate in something like this. We have all been playing campaign for quite some time... Now we mostly just like to have a ton of fun while playing. Screaming, swearing, playing music over chat, laughing at others' misfortunes... all of that friend stuff =).

I dunno what you mean by following orders, but I'm down. If this sounds like something you are looking for then message/friend me.
WastedSoul563 2013年1月8日下午8:10 

Think of comedy sketches, even they have to be directed to go right, but it's not going to be like that alot, just when I think of a sketch or blooper.

BTW Perfect!
Vempyremon 2013年1月8日下午8:12 
I'm always up for finding others to play with~ Recording with even! I've just started to set up recording for my own, as well. I absolutely will never abuse or become violent towards anyone on chat, even if they're doing the wrong thing. Or trolling. Bah, I dont understand it. I'm pretty submissive to orders.

I'm never about winning a game over just having fun with it. Having fun is just the best part!
WastedSoul563 2013年1月8日下午8:17 

Good, because I've run into players that were acting like just plain bullies and ruined perfectly good footage.
Vempyremon 2013年1月8日下午8:20 
I tend to avoid people like that. If I have to make fun of anything, it's my character dying because I'm clumsy. I'm nearly always online (especially Skype) if you're interested at all and dont mind playing with a female~
WastedSoul563 2013年1月8日下午8:26 

Not a problem, I'll add you.
=T$ETag= Sarsante 2013年1月8日下午11:10 
I can help you out, add me
+SG+ desaster area 2013年1月9日上午7:51 
feel free to add me.
Eli091 2013年1月9日上午7:58 
im up! add me ;D
Spirit of Bardock 2013年1月9日上午8:55 
already sent you a request
20XX 2013年1月9日下午1:11 
Your video reminds me of Criken's L4D2 series, random, funny, and original. And if you're still looking for players, I can help. Best of luck to you, my friend.
Paper Rabbit 2013年1月9日下午1:41 
Friend requests sent.
Alistair the Femboy 2013年1月9日下午3:06 
If you are still looking, im all for it
Zeb31112 2013年1月9日下午3:54 
add me upp and send me an invite :D
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