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=T$ECore= Sarsante 2013年1月8日下午1:22
Ajuda para Achievement "Kite Like A Man" - e outros
Alguém afim de ajudar a conseguir o achievement "Kite Like A Man"? Esse parece ser fácil. Posso ajudar em outros achievements também.
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~Vѻіɖ-変則 (゚_。)?~ 2013年1月8日下午2:24 
that is very easy, just let the other survivors kill the tank without any of your friends shooting him.
=T$ECore= Sarsante 2013年1月8日下午2:37 
I know that, but I still need 3 other people to do it. :)
trash 2013年1月8日下午5:43 
No do it yourself ,kill bots on expert then change to easy
=T$ECore= Sarsante 2013年1月8日下午11:14 
thanks, i got it by myself. i was looking for some people to play, i'm not a pro but it's hard to find some people who understand that is a coop game and not a run and shoot by himself.
正在显示第 1 - 4 条,共 4 条留言
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