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Bullsquid 2013年1月7日 11時01分
Regional multiplayer?
12429 players online, and it's hard to find a game server to play on. What's more, every player that joined to my lobby was from Ukraine (as myself). Has anyone else experienced such problem? If it is actually restricted to region, is there an option somewhere to see all the servers?
P.S. My game language and steam language both set to English.
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anon (禁止済) 2013年1月7日 11時09分 
Well, maybe a lot of people blocked you and now you can't join a room anymore.
Bullsquid 2013年1月7日 11時27分 
Nah, I haven't been playing L4D2 for a long time. And there's no reason for anybody to block me.
Found a related thread here.
JMC 2013年1月7日 11時30分 
view tools and download your own server. Let ur friends know about it and you will have a community.
Bullsquid 2013年1月7日 11時35分 
I don't have that much friends (7) who can play L4D2 with me at the same time.
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