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O_o 2013年1月7日 8時44分
Where all the votekick??
I been play 5 games of versus today and I was never kicked. Is there something wrong? I see all these votekicked thread and I am puzzled. Maybe these votekicks went so fast that I didn't even see them.
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(TSM) TheOddGeneral 2013年1月7日 8時59分 
Press Esc and Call Vote
MystMan 2013年1月7日 9時37分 
Good luck, bad luck. That's all there is to it: random things happen to random people. Just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen at all to others.
beEZ (禁止済) 2013年1月7日 10時16分 
You happened to be on a server with worse noobs than you are, therefore no one kicked you.
O_o 2013年1月7日 14時19分 
Ok 4 more games and i was kicked once by the server admin on the other team. Reason: j@ck@ss. Maybe I get kick for no reason 2omrrow.

O ya just a FYI. If u change ur name to"Newbplzdon'tkick" they will kick you from lobby 100% of the time.
最近の変更はO_oが行いました; 2013年1月7日 14時22分
beEZ (禁止済) 2013年1月7日 16時12分 
What if you change your name to Noobstayoffmyteam?
3errick 2013年1月7日 20時14分 
Probability of being kicked = 1- Luck * Skill
If you are unlucky, you will be kicked regardless of skill, because they are waiting for a friend.
If you are lucky, even without much skill, you won't be kicked, because the players are lenient.
If you are completely without skill, you will be kicked no matter how lucky you are.
If you are reasonably skilled, just average is fine, it is quite unlikely that you will be kicked. The possibility of one team having most of its members rage quitting is about 10 times higher than me getting a vote kick in versus.

For reference, a bot usually has more skill than a player with 10 hours.
Also campaign players rarely kick even if you are worse than a bot.
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