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G.Cab 2013年1月6日上午9:34
Wierd hand glitches
This really isn't relevant to the game, but I decided I'd let everyone know. When you change the FOV to a higher amount (go into console and type cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor and the amount you want), equip the hunting rifle and look up. When I did this, I noticed that the wrist actually twists until the hand is only there. This also happens with te original L4D survivors. It's really wierd. This didn't happen in the original L4D. Is Valve really this lazy? I also equipped the pistol with the original L4D survivors. I noticed that the fingers are actually in the grip. I just decided I would let everyone know about this. I don't know why Valve doesn't know about this. Not that its a big issue. I'm just nit-picking. Myah.

Side-note: Default FOV is 52
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