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Mikasa Ackerman 2013年1月5日 23時35分
Team recruiting PRO members!!!
Team Sho Sho is recruiting some really PRO members,before you can join,you need to follow 3 simple rules

1:Only English
2:No mic spamming
3:Need to test your skills in a 1v1 versus with me before you guys can join

Sounds good?Well,welcome to Team Sho Sho
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[Sand Emperor] BubbleberryVII 2013年1月5日 23時49分 
Wait, a Pro Team for L4D? I didnt even know you could 1v1.
最近の変更は[Sand Emperor] BubbleberryVIIが行いました; 2013年1月5日 23時50分
Yurka 2013年1月6日 1時30分 
EU or NA?
tacksåmicke 2013年1月6日 2時29分 
How do you know that you are really a pro for sure in case you have only played for like a month or so? Like does this test prove that you are?
Creasy 2013年1月6日 8時05分 
Hmmm, checked your stats, when they are as good as mine maybe then you could call yourself a pro, as for "testing" myself against a "pro" such as you, I really dont need to.....maybe once you have all the Achievements you could up your status...
Drakime 2013年1月6日 9時12分 
I think the word "pro" should just be removed from the original post. It suggests many things and I don't think a lot of it are positive things.

The Doctor の投稿を引用:
Wait, a Pro Team for L4D? I didnt even know you could 1v1.
With few server modifications you can ^^
SubZer0 2013年1月6日 11時30分 
I'd give it a try. When do you want to "test" the new recruits?
Yurka 2013年1月6日 11時40分 
Mikasa Ackerman 2013年1月8日 5時20分 
Hey guys,if you're interested,you guys can send me a message when im online or you guys can add me as a firned then say that you're interested via steam friends chat
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