BryanFury 5. tammi, 2013 12.14
Left 4 Dead 2 Stats
Hi I have a question,are the points you make in a modded server being considered in the stats in your profile?I hope not but I have this doubt.Thanx
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Marked One 5. tammi, 2013 14.14 
Some stats are not recorded on modded servers because of the increased spawns due to the server configuration though temporary stats wok. Things like zombie kill count and accuracy/weapon discharged don't get officially recorded. At least it was like that when I went onto modded servers by accident to play a community add-on then compared to my old stats. There's been a lot of new software for servers and this may have changed That being said, stats are all messed up except for in-game time (which is great to use for pointing out idlers who act like they've played al lthat time)
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Creasy - On Holidaaaaaaaay ;)) 6. tammi, 2013 8.07 
Zombie kill count and achievements are recorded on modded servers
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