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BryanFury 5. led. 2013 v 12.14 odp.
Left 4 Dead 2 Stats
Hi I have a question,are the points you make in a modded server being considered in the stats in your profile?I hope not but I have this doubt.Thanx
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Marked One 5. led. 2013 v 2.14 odp. 
Some stats are not recorded on modded servers because of the increased spawns due to the server configuration though temporary stats wok. Things like zombie kill count and accuracy/weapon discharged don't get officially recorded. At least it was like that when I went onto modded servers by accident to play a community add-on then compared to my old stats. There's been a lot of new software for servers and this may have changed That being said, stats are all messed up except for in-game time (which is great to use for pointing out idlers who act like they've played al lthat time)
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