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Shirocchi 2013年1月5日 4時55分
Cant get any achivements!
i dont know why but from one day i wasnt able to get any achivement i should get.. We tried to do Tank burger with friend.. but he get it and i dont.. after finishing Paris Campain.. i didnt get Bridge burner.. The game just refusing to give me achivements *>*.. does anyone know why?
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cammers 2013年1月5日 5時15分 
Stop using mods for a bit. SOME mods DO disable achievments.
Shirocchi 2013年1月5日 5時20分 
Well.. I already uninstall them.. and still *>*..
最近の変更はShirocchiが行いました; 2013年1月5日 5時20分
subex 2013年1月5日 10時29分 
uninstall and install the game again, or maby you already have them!
Tycho Brohe 2013年1月5日 11時09分 
Are you sure you have a connection to Steam servers when you play? The easiest way to find out is to be logged into Friends, and periodically check while you're in game to see if you are still logged in.

It happens to everyone. I've finished every campaign except Swamp Fever on Expert, but I still only have 2/5 on the achievement. Nothing to do but try it again.
Shirocchi 2013年1月6日 1時39分 
Ty for help.. i think nothing then reinstall game is remaining *>*.
cammers 2013年1月6日 23時18分 
Did the reinstall fix your problem? If not you should contact steam support since this is clearly an issue with them, not you. Steam servers are obviously not connecting to your game when you earn achievements, so thats why you cant get them. It wont sync.
Shirocchi 2013年1月12日 12時48分 
NO it didnt.. well.. iam rly unhappy cuz Achivements are the main D=
I love Timmy <3 2013年1月12日 18時19分 
To get tank burger no one can shoot the tank, only melee, that includes everyone on the team(Bots too)
Shirocchi 2013年1月13日 0時41分 
New year Grape の投稿を引用:
To get tank burger no one can shoot the tank, only melee, that includes everyone on the team(Bots too)

Well i know that thats why we killed bots and went duo with friend.. he got it and i dont *>*
Marked One 2013年1月13日 10時11分 
Make sure you have the steam community overlay enabled. If you don't have it on, it won't give it to you
Shirocchi 2013年1月13日 10時20分 
Well.. where i can find it? =D
Shirocchi 2013年1月13日 21時18分 
well iam joining from lobby so iam not using console
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