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Carnal 4. led. 2013 v 2.25 dop.
Competitive PC noob LFG
I'm a competitive gamer coming from the Xbox and would like to focus on PC now. I'm looking for a group of decent competitive players on L4D1 and L4D2 to pub with me while I learn PC meta and gain some chemistry along with key/mouse skills. I know the game inside and out in regards to Xbox but I know coming to PC I will be real crappy for a few months and I'm looking for a group that is patient enough to teach me with the intent of picking me up. I promise good results when my game is better :) I am also a little bit interested in Counter Strike and possibly Dota 2 competitively, but I am 100% new to both those titles so it'll be a long road to get better. Thanks!
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JMC 4. led. 2013 v 2.33 dop. 
Trust me on this. If you are good on xbox, you gonna be great on PC. With a 5000 dpi mouse, and bindkeys compcted, you will not gonna have any problem.
HostileKyle 4. led. 2013 v 3.40 dop. 
you shold add me
WastedSoul563 4. led. 2013 v 4.49 dop. 
If your xbox 360 controller has a usb port on the back of it, considering you have an Xbox 360(I couldn't imagine anything else you would use for an xbox 360), you should still be able to use the controller for PC
salo 4. led. 2013 v 5.02 dop. 
Google L4D2 equilibrium and L4D2 Promod if you want go REAL competetive. Also try to get in pwg private versus network for quality gaming if you got the real skills for it.
Edit: Play more and learn maps first. you have played 12h for now. +100h real versus gameplay for starters would be nice b4 any competetive config.
Naposledy upravil salo; 4. led. 2013 v 5.04 dop.
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