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Gamzee Makara [Flare] 2.0 2013年1月3日下午8:13
game dosent work
hay a bunch of my games have been launching and then close right away please help im wasting alot of money
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[FUB] MrBonami2 QC 2013年1月3日下午8:21 
eh restall steam... and your game..
Gamzee Makara [Flare] 2.0 2013年1月3日下午8:43 
dident work
Big Willy Style ® 2013年1月3日下午11:39 
computer specs?
also try veriftying the game files by right clicking the game and go to properties. that works most of the time.
FellSeraph 2013年1月4日上午9:18 
Verify each game individually. Also, use the Steam client to update your drivers. You may even just need to restart your computer more often to clear the RAM cache. Try Steam tech support efter that, they were very helpful once when I had a problem I coudn't solve.
Gamzee Makara [Flare] 2.0 2013年1月4日下午2:34 
thank you for trying to help but it dident work
your penis has poop on it 2013年1月4日下午2:56 
hmmm...cant open the game too
FellSeraph 2013年1月4日下午7:34 
If it's all games, it could be your video card dying. When a load is put on it, it may crash.
[LP] thebigwilly6 2013年1月4日下午8:18 
same here i have been playing left 4 dead for i while but recently whenever i join a game it crashes
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