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[ESP]Hipernokia1[XF] 2013年1月2日上午6:49
L4D2 Error
Please i can't solucionate my error and the error is: infected/models/boomette.mdl
I tried to verify the cache and nothing...
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J.M.C. 2013年1月2日上午7:03 
its about an addon map?
[ESP]Hipernokia1[XF] 2013年1月2日上午7:07 
its about an addon map?

Hmm is it possibly i havw Warcelona and dead line
J.M.C. 2013年1月2日上午7:11 
You know what you download . now unloaded. If that doesnt work, well, remove local content, check in steam, steamapps/common, and see if it is something in there, and re-install the game.. Stay away from addons for a while.
Adybird_ 2013年1月2日上午7:59 
J.M.C. 2013年1月2日上午8:13 
should work. we have computergames.ro .
xibléu-bléu 2013年1月2日上午11:20 
just go to extras on the main menu, select add-ons, unselect all of them and let just the one you will play selected. now exit and restart the game. simple like that ;D
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