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Puppy 2013年1月1日下午6:01
Can't find Servers?
Trying to play with a couple of friends, when we start a game it doesn't find a Dedicated server or a Community Run server and just tells us to make our own. Any idea what's going on?
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EazyEd420 2013年1月1日下午6:02 
have you tried a Local server?
Puppy 2013年1月1日下午6:09 
I specifically selected Local server and It immediately threw me into one. Thank you! :]
Hydra_360ci 2013年1月2日上午7:13 
Local Server means that your PC becomes the server.
Make sure that your download region in Steam Client is set to your own country. L4D2 uses the download region as a server filter.

Other than that, it's likely something on your end. US should have plenty of Valve servers, available.

Are you and someone else behind the same router and trying to play on Steam at the same time?
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正在显示第 1 - 3 条,共 3 条留言
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