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Bilbo's Toast 2013年1月1日 10時33分
What's the deal with Versus not loading?
I've been trying to get into a Versus game for the past 15 minutes and I either get a black screen with my cursor showing or when the game finished loading I'm stuck at the loading page. Restarting the game has been no help. Any suggestions?

This is happening with any mode I try.
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JMC 2013年1月1日 10時44分 
with the game you loaded crap,as mods, weapons and maps. Congratulation! You just killed your game. Re-installed.
Note: Delete all from common files. "Delete local content" will erase only the original part.
Bilbo's Toast 2013年1月1日 13時18分 
Wait what, I killed my game?
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