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hohoho 2012年12月30日 2時55分
does left 4 dead 2 includes all of the left 4 dead campaign?
i dont know what to buy, the bundle or just left 4 dead 2
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UNLIMITED POWAAAH! 2012年12月30日 3時04分 
i heard that you can play L4D-1 campaign though you only have L4D-2
hohoho 2012年12月30日 3時06分 
so i dont need to buy the bundle, just only l4d2?
UNLIMITED POWAAAH! 2012年12月30日 3時08分 
if you want to help valve = buy bundle
or if you want to save money = buy only 2

i will buy just 2 only
最近の変更はUNLIMITED POWAAAH!が行いました; 2012年12月30日 3時08分
hohoho 2012年12月30日 3時09分 
ok thx alot mate :D
LegendsLord 2012年12月30日 3時16分 
L4D2 is good enough.
JMC 2012年12月30日 4時22分 
Yes it does.
ShadowPony 2012年12月30日 5時46分 
all maps from l4d1 have been ported to l4d2 (including characters), the gfx are better in 2, more weapons, more infected in 2
2 is the way to go for a full left for dead experience
the modding community is very active with l4d2
FellSeraph 2012年12月30日 9時24分 
Message above : Approved. Good advice
Panda.EZ 2012年12月30日 17時04分 
well i would agree with the other people but if you want to have more fun and better custom maps i would say for the bundle because l4d1 is actully more fun then playing l4d2 but you dont need to take my opinion as final answer
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