Saint Mariju-Ana 29. joulu, 2012 11.30
LF Moar Gamer Buddies?
Sooo.. I'm sorta of an average player, looking for players who would like to improve along the way with me. I love playing l4d2 for fun. I mostly play either in normal or advance mode, kinda depends on the level of experience my teammates have.

Feel free to add me. :) I swear I don't bite, unless you start acting like a troll-c*nt. ^_^

Aaaand. My gamer buddy created a group for players who want to have fun and do not take teamwork for granted. If you want to join, let me know :)
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29. joulu, 2012 11.47 
add me up!
3errick 29. joulu, 2012 11.50 
If you want to improve in versus mode, read my guide :)
Neo Ranvier 29. joulu, 2012 14.50 
Sounds good to me, im always in the look out for L4D buddies. I have a lot of experience on xbox before PC, the input is different but the knowledge is the same =]
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