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Toxic 2012. dec. 28. @ de. 10:07
Is this game's multiplayer still alive?Now that it's on sale maybe I will get it but I wanna know about the multiplayer first
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RIP Mr Lee Kuan Yew 2012. dec. 28. @ de. 10:14 
Yes, you can always find games online, except for some unpopular game modes like scavenge or realism versus. Expect to be kicked in versus mode if you are new, current players expect proficiency or they vote kick, read my L4D2 guide if you want to learn what you need to know to be a good player.
MaxT 2012. dec. 28. @ de. 10:15 
Alive and kicking!
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Kitsune 2012. dec. 28. @ de. 10:19 
Pretty much what Merrick said. I've been able to join within a split second of quick joining a campaign. However, his warning holds water as well. Get some time on each campaign, play through them a few times. When you have things pretty well learned, you can try Versus, but make sure to check out his guide first. Any tips and tricks that can help you be a valuable team player will make you someone people don't want to kick.
Iskrax 2012. dec. 28. @ de. 10:59 
10 000 + people are playing online at any moment...Many servers and people!!
Captain Only 2012. dec. 28. @ du. 1:55 
This game is still very active, 17k online right now
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