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NeoScript 2012年12月26日下午7:04
Does anyone know if the price will drop down to $4.99
trying to save some money, but really want this game. Any help would be appreciated :D
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Kaps 2012年12月26日下午7:14 
See on facebook , I rly want that to xDD
3errick 2012年12月26日下午7:17 
Yes, it probably will, but valve won't tell you in advance, you just have to look out for steam deals. And if you wait long enough, valve will likely make it free to play like tf2.
NeoScript 2012年12月26日下午7:20 
引用自 Merrick
And if you wait long enough, valve will likely make it free to play like tf2.
Thats probably going to be a long ways off
MlgDave_ 2012年12月26日下午8:04 
I could buy it and trade it too you. But only if i get something. (TF2)
MlgDave_ 2012年12月26日下午8:05 
I'll check up on it when its on sale.
JMC 2012年12月26日下午11:17 
From time to time, steam will give you a discount from this game. Check the store page freqvently. Yu will see original price cut and a new price shoewd.
Mrblurr 2012年12月27日上午1:12 
Or add it to your wishlist to quickly check it from time to time.
burton 2012年12月27日上午7:45 
Try your luck on such sites as Ebay, etc.
NeoScript 2012年12月27日上午10:51 
thanks for the help guys(/gals)!
MlgDave_ 2012年12月28日下午8:32 
It's on sale. 4.99$
m30w 2012年12月28日下午8:37 
yeah its 4.99 for l4d1 or l4d2 and 7.49 for both...id suggest u get both
FellSeraph 2012年12月29日上午1:24 
$4.99 for either game seperate right now, $7.49 for both, Get both, it's a great deal. After you get the game, check out L4D2Maps.com. Tons of custom campaigns, survival maps and more!
Send me a message or post on my profile if you have any questions. Hurry though, I doubt the sale will last more than 24 hous, and could be as short as 6 hours. Step to it.
zetpilletje28 2012年12月29日上午6:14 
can i trade with someone for some tf 2 stuff??
zetpilletje28 2012年12月29日上午6:29 
Dave_Is_IDLE i want to trade !!!
NeoScript 2012年12月29日下午4:13 
thanks guys, i got it :D
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