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I've been thinking about recording my L4D gameplay, any idea what program is the best ?
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Stef 2012年12月23日下午4:02 
Maple Cookies 2012年12月23日下午4:07 
You'll probably want to record demos of all your games and then just use FRAPS in order to record the segments you like off the demos.
Pinkie Pie 2012年12月24日上午7:26 
Sorry, I never been able to download any Computer Video Recording. Just try getting what those 2 said: Fraps.
Thanks all :)
Soul Devourer 2013年1月12日下午3:35 
Fraps n.n
C= 64 2013年1月12日下午6:50 

Solution to proper recording of l4d2 games.

Youtube clip on the feature:

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just to confirm Bill....: Fraps
Yeah I've been using that and it works good, I just need the full version lol.
SynxUK 2013年1月14日下午9:19 
I actually just bought the elgato game capture hd... its more for console recording but it is capable of high quality recording for whatever format.
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Bill shout me when you are online I'll help you get it
For sure :)
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