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Disgruntled 2012年12月18日 9時49分
Looking for Expert Realism players.
And I am not interested in someone rushing the whole map. I have played since L4D1, and I just want to play for fun, chilling the maps through. I enjoy the time getting to the goal, it doesnt necessarily have to be to reach the goal.

But yeah I'd prefer playing with someone is a bit older and know what they are doing in L4D2. :)
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☢EpIC☢™ Sogor (SRB) 2012年12月18日 10時26分 
I will play with you.
Disgruntled 2012年12月19日 8時15分 
Great ill add you
Mrblurr 2012年12月19日 11時06分 
I'll play as well
2012年12月19日 13時30分 
Hello, Disgruntled.

I run a modified Hard Eight server [8 specials; 0.5- 1sec spawn timer (4x1), 25k hp tanks, witches with 20yard lightning dmg, perks, usepoints, self-revives] designed for experienced players. There's a small group of us who play an an almost regular basis. We pass the campaigns on expert + settings [hard eight/realism], and if you're interested, throw me an invite or I'll send you one. Always feel free to join the steam group upon my page.
Izzy X [no internet] 2012年12月19日 14時38分 
I'm up for playing some games.
AG. Gravity Confusd Nova Flare 2012年12月19日 23時06分 
im up for gettin that achievement
Disgruntled 2012年12月20日 1時20分 
Just to clarify, I have the achievement and Im not after it. I just enjoy expert realism. But Ill surely help if anyone is interested.
R*a*m*s*i 2012年12月22日 5時27分 
If u need more buddys, add me, im good :)
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