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FantasyMan 2012년 12월 14일 오전 4시 03분
Not updating??
Anyone else experiencing an issue with not being able to install the latest update? i have tried removing all local content and re-installing from scratch too. Myself and around 4 others I know of are all having the same problem...
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‎Smile_ツ 2012년 12월 14일 오전 4시 19분 
Broken uplink.

First do this: Click STEAM / EXIT ! Reboot Computer. ( If not auto_set at boot, LOG IN. ) This is to make sure STEAM works correct and updates itself.

After reboot, you should Verify game files click this link
FantasyMan 2012년 12월 14일 오전 4시 58분 
Cheers for that, but there seems to be some greater overall problem with the steam client. There is a client update that none of us seem to be able to download at the moment. it just sits at 0%.

Then i just made the monumental error of uninstalling steam. Meaning, that i cannot now load steam at all as if forces an update on me upon first use which won't download.

This is sooooo sh!t.
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