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cooler1 2012년 12월 13일 오후 2시 30분
what are the add-ons and how do i get them and r they free?
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Hydra_360ci 2012년 12월 13일 오후 2시 55분 

Download the file and place them in the addons folder.
Steam games are installed in the Steam directory under Steamapps/common/

Be aware that not all campaigns are compatible with each other, and some aren't compatible with the official ones and make SI and/or Tanks invisible. Freezer Burn Campaign makes tanks invisible, for example, on all maps except for the Freezer Burn's Campaign. Only way to fix it is to remove Freezer Burn from the Addons folder.

Also if L4D crashes after the intro movie... then the campaign you put in there is corrupt. Remove it to fix.
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Muleke_Trairao 2012년 12월 14일 오전 11시 23분 
they are totally cuz it's from the community, nobody will pay for community content :/
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