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RussianBear14 2012年12月11日下午6:03
Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop?!?!
Does anybody know anything about where this is???
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WeichengJLKD11 2012年12月11日下午9:22 
u mean buying weapons,health,upgrades?
Bonzo Whitesnake 2012年12月12日上午5:11 
Lol this is absurde...
AfterShock 2012年12月12日上午6:05 
the workshop isn't available for l4d2 yet, who knows how long it will take in valve years
boot 2012年12月12日上午6:39 
It's in closed beta testing.

For now I think it's only for custom campaigns.
最后由 boot 编辑于; 2012年12月12日上午6:40
RussianBear14 2012年12月12日下午4:10 
Ok, cause i remember when they said October, and iv'e been really excited for the workshop too come out.
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