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ZeusBro 8 dic 2012, ore 15:29
Can Someone please help me my L4D2 on my mac doesnt open it says h12_osx quit unexpectedly
i just downloaded the game (L4D2) and i tried to open it but it just closes and pops and says h12_osx quit unexpectedly someone help please
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beEZ (Bandito) 8 dic 2012, ore 16:08 
That's what happens when you use a mac for gaming :P

jk lol, sorry cannot help you
Brazed Blaze 8 dic 2012, ore 16:41 
As a mac user, it just happens some times. I found it hapenns more often when you do something like spam m2. It's annoying, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.
slub 8 dic 2012, ore 16:59 
SRY idont know how to use mac

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