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Fire 2012年12月6日 9時33分
How to make less laggy?
My pc specs aren't the best, but all my settings are on the lowest, I don't have really bad lag, but quite low FPS. Any help?
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girdurloins 2012年12月6日 10時54分 
I use Gamebooster to increase fps while playing some of my games and it works. Maybe you want to check into it if you are having fps problems.

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Hydra_360ci 2012年12月6日 11時03分 
in the starup launch option.
BTW: stands for low violence. Guess what it does.
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Hollapeno 2012年12月6日 16時02分 
Just a setting check. If it's the lowest, the resolution should be Normal (4:3) and 480p. Use GameBooster, as recommended above. You should be fine, unless you have an ancient computer; L4D2 is really optimized for most PCs.
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