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Tricky 2012年12月6日上午8:09
Flashlight problem
I have problem with the flashlight! I can't see any light coming from it i hear the sound for on/off but nothing show i update my drivers,i check the game and nothing pls help guys...
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Hydra_360ci 2012年12月6日上午8:17 
What's your video card?
Tricky 2012年12月6日上午9:00 
Nvidia 7300GT 256mb pixel shader 3.0 support
Hydra_360ci 2012年12月6日上午11:18 
heh... ancient.
It's likely the card.
found these in a search but Steam's forums are down, so can't see what it says.

first 2 on this yahoo search:
最后由 Hydra_360ci 编辑于; 2012年12月6日上午11:20
Tricky 2012年12月6日下午1:36 
Well i can't find anything and that's relly disapointing
Hydra_360ci 2012年12月6日下午1:53 
I know that the flashlight works on the 6600GT, 8600GT and my current ATI 4870...
Tricky 2012年12月6日下午2:25 
It could be something with the drivers or idk
Hydra_360ci 2012年12月6日下午2:58 
Maybe, probably have to go back until you find some that work. Nvidia and AMD tend to break old card compatibility when they update the drivers for newer cards. But going backwards isn't easy... Need to use Drive sweeper or something to get rid of the stuff that the uninstall just won't remove.
最后由 Hydra_360ci 编辑于; 2012年12月6日下午2:59
Tricky 2012年12月7日上午5:29 
Dat sound rly difficult to make ;/
Hydra_360ci 2012年12月7日上午6:55 
What sound difficult to make?
Driver Sweeper?
It's already made. It's just a pain to use. Thanx to all the restarts you have to go thru each time you wanna go backwards. You don't have to use it though. It's just recommended when you go backwards.
最后由 Hydra_360ci 编辑于; 2012年12月7日上午6:58
Tricky 2012年12月7日上午7:27 
I just uninstall all my graphyc drivers and download an old driver so i hope it helps
Hydra_360ci 2012年12月7日上午7:33 
It's going to be a trial and error thing. You may have to go back several years, which in turn could keep other games from running. Or, could be that none of the drivers will get it working.

Personally, I recommend buying a new video card.
Tricky 2012年12月7日上午8:03 
I have to buy new comp dats the problem but now i just cant effort it...but iget the flashlight working and now hhave fps drop but nothing is perfect :D
Shaky 2012年12月7日上午11:13 
i had the same problem but the alternative is trying to not use it than the game will be also harder an also you have more fun, conclusion it is not so bad
Tricky 2012年12月7日下午2:52 
Mate there are place where u cant see anything its complete dark and u need that light
Viridi Diaboli [DG] 2013年1月23日上午6:37 
Well this is indeed strange, I played L4D2 long ago and the flashlight worked, deleted it since I didn't play, reinstalled and then I saw that the flashlight didn't work anymore and I do hear the *click* sound but no light, increased brightness wont help either..
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